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Aggregated energy trading. Efficient, secure & revenue-optimised.

With well over 3,500 connected technical units, e2m is an experienced aggregator and excellently positioned, medium-sized and independent electricity trading company. With a considerable 3,400 MW of generation capacity and a trading volume of around 251 € million in 2016, e2m bundles the power of decentralized generating plants, prosumers and storage facilities.  

We are specialists in the management and optimisation of volatile portfolios, as well as the marketing of the flexibility of decentralised production and consumption systems in a turbulent market environment. The company‘s main focus is on the spot and intraday market, as well as the use of existing physical fl exibility for location balancing, as a commercial product or as a system service (balancing energy).

International experience

With subsidiaries in Poland, Austria, Finland and Italy, it is well positioned internationally. This requires professional structures and capabilities. These include 24/7 portfolio management, market access to the major power exchanges, a virtual
power plant, highly available IT systems, multiply tested interfaces, certifi ed management and process systems and an internationally experienced trading Team. 

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